Price list

Prices of professional SMD and THT assembly

Price list for SMD and THT assembly

The price of the ordered assembly depends on the complexity of the tile, the assembly version (one-sided or two-sided), the expected assembly time and the number of tiles installed. For the purposes of initial, quick valuation, a photo of the device, an assembly drawing or a PDF of the board is sufficient.
For a detailed valuation, you need detailed documentation, gerber files, PDF files, a descriptive layer, PCB design, BOM with a detailed description of the components, information on the special assembly of some components, e.g. component height above the board, heat sink mounting, component on a special stand, etc. Another important factor for the valuation is the number of tiles in the sheet – the form (the price of the template for applying the paste depends on it).
We are able to present a price offer for assembly within 24 hours after receiving the above-mentioned documentation. We approach each SMD or THT assembly project individually and all details are agreed with the client.
We have the ability to complete components for a given device – valuation within 7 working days.
In addition, we work with companies involved in the production of PCBs, which we can also deliver at the request of the client.

Prices largely depend on:

  • the size of the order
  • repeatability of the order
  • the number of components on the board
  • assembly technology / project complexity (one-sided assembly, two-sided SMD assembly, mixed SMD and THT assembly)